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    Richfaces 4 progressBar onbegin/oncomplete not working?

    moldovan Newbie

      Hy guys!


      I have redesigned one of my webapps from JSF 1.2 and RichFaces 3.3.0 to JSF 2.0 and RichFaces 4.0. The Migrationguide helped me a lot - thanks for the work on the document ;-) - and my app seems to furthermore work very successful, but i have a little problem.


      I'm rerendering content of my page at the end of a "Progress". I had done this with progressBar with oncomplete-attribute and aj:jsFunction. But after the migration of the progressBar, it seems that the content inside oncomplete-attribute will not be processed anymore, because action from jsFunction is not called and also an output via alert() before the call of the of the jsFunction is not dislplayed on the screen, so no alert() has been processed.


      Can anyone check this, please?


      Keep in mind, that all my code worked with old progessBar from 3.3.0 like a charm....