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    problem in accessing managed bean in JSF2 + Richfaces 4 project

    Gustavo Ludwig Newbie

      public void listener(FileUploadEvent event) throws Exception {Hi all,


      I'm new to JSF2 + RichFaces 4, so I harvested infos and tips here and there on how to start the project. So far I've a very simple project, one xhtml page, with a <rich:dataTable /> and a <rich:fileUpload /> on a <rich:popupPanel />. The idea is to upload MS-Excel files into to the application, perform some logic and display an entry (generated from the MS-Excel file's content) on the <rich:dataTable />.


      The <rich:fileUpload /> is defined like this:


      <rich:fileUpload id="popupFileUpload"

           title="Indique o caminho do arquivo a carregar"

           acceptedTypes="xls, xlsx" uploadData="#{assemblyMB.batchList}"


           maxFilesQuantity="#{assemblyMB.uploadsAvailable}" listHeight="250"


           onuploadcomplete="#{rich:component('popup')}.hide(); return false;"

           noDuplicate="true" />


      On the managed bean, I have the annotation @ManagedBean(name = "assemblyMB"), and the listener method now is very simple:


      public void listener(FileUploadEvent event) throws Exception {




      I intend to access the method on the managed bean when the file is uploaded, but I'm failing to do so. I don't understand why is that happening.

      Can anybody throw me a light here?


      Thanks in advance,