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    How to handle a Connection object to remote jms server

    Tim Coninx Newbie



      We are using an application that contains a jboss @Service mbean which encapsulates a javax.jms.Connection object.


      During startup of the mbean the connection is created by initializing a remote InitialContext, looking up the ConnectionFactory from that context, and creating a connection from that factory:



      public class JMSPublisher extends etcc.... {

        private Connection connection;

        protected void startService() {

          Context ctx = getRemoteInitialContext();

          ConnectionFactory connectionFactory = (ConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("ConnectionFactory");

          connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();




      My question is: how long can we be supposed to maintain that connection ? In practise we see that the connection throws a JMSException when we try to create a session on it after an undefined amount of time.


      The documentation of Connection tells us that an object represents a socket, so timeouts due to inactivity could be normal. But how can we deal with it without creating new connections for each and every message ?

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