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    use a common interface to access libraries inside multiple WARs - is it possible?

    Praveen Kumar Newbie



      As a bit of background - I'm using JBoss 5.1, for web applications. The applications are vertically deployed so each feature ends up in a separate WAR file. It has a jar file for dao and business logic. This is fine so far however I need to deploy another app which doesn't have much logic in itself - its basically a view like say dashboard. The dashboard needs to aggregate data from different data providers(usually they are other apps/features). Right now the dashboard knows way too much about other features. So everytime a new feature is added this dashboard gets redeployed as well with relevant code additions.


      It would be great if there is a common interface for this dashboard that few other features implement and whenever a new feature(WAR) is deployed the dashboard can dynamically get data from the new provider as well. Is this possible? If not what is the closest I can get to without manipulating classloaders for the apps? It would be good to know if first of all this is possible inside jboss.


      Please let me know if you need more info.