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    setPartitionName() not defined when changing from 3.2.6 to AS5.1

    WU Ryan Newbie

      When I try to change the Jboss from 3.2.6 to AS5, I found there is no setPartitionName() when I "extends HAServiceMBeanSupport"


      However, in my previous project, I use this function to set partitionname




      my jboss-service,xml of 3.2.6:

      <mbean code="sccHANotificationBroadcaster"



      <attribute name="PartitionName">01-sccDefaultPartition</attribute>





      my notificationbroadcaster code:

      protected void startService() throws Exception



           addNotificationListener(this, null, null);

           m_notificationType = InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostAddress();

           System.out.println("[sccHANotificationBroadcaster] mbean startService...");



      public void setPartitionName(String name)







      Is there anyone could help me to solve it?

      This problem disturb me a lot.