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    how to read documentation?

    martin mucha Newbie

      I've got one simple question. How HornetQ documentation is supposed to be used? I've some knowledge (ok, not very deep) of JMS and do know what I want to configure, but I'm unable to locate it in documentation. It claims to be SIMPLE, but I think it's TOO simple. For example there is hornetq-jms.xsd, but I did not suceed in finding what not-very-self-descriptive elements like "entry" means. Actually I do find in documentation code-to-be-copied-without-understanding more often than any explanation ...


      So is there a place, where *purpose* of elements for example of mentioned hornetq-jms.xsd  are actually discused and explained?

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          Andy Taylor Master

          its all in the user manual and there are many examples demonstrating every use case.

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            martin mucha Newbie

            Sorry about my yesterday comment - I got so angry, that I was unable to continue in reading "user manual" util I post it.


            well you're right, there are many examples, but some of them are quite misleading. Like in 7.3

            <connection-factory name="ConnectionFactory" signature="queue">


            which throws an error at startup complaining about presence of signature. Connection-factory must not have signature attribute.


            sorry for bothering, I'll fight the documentation.

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              Andy Taylor Master

              ok, so you have found a typo. re the docs, we have had lots of comments about how good the docs actually are so i can't really see why you are complaining.


              When i mentioned examples i was talking about runnable examples that come shipped with the distro, what ever scenario you are looking for there will be an example.


              tbh most of the config is self explanatory, maybe you should start with a simple JMS tutorial

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                martin mucha Newbie

                First of all: sorry once again for whining - I did not have a pleasant day yesterday and I did not make it


                second: maybe hornetQ is simply great, I do not have any serious evidence it is not. BUT it truly does not make a great impression if you start it for the first time (as a part jboss 6 final version) and found log full of errors like:


                Unable to validate user: null for check type CONSUME


                and then found out on google, that it was a known issue caused by missing
                <permission type="consume" roles="guest"/>

                which is *now* present in configuration whereas error(s) in log is still present...

                Not really great first experience.


                Next I started reading user manual and found typo, maybe it's the only one there, I don't know, but I found it in 5 minutes ...

                *THAT* does not make a great impression and clearly *can* fill users with unhappiness.


                But you're right: none of these is reason for whining here. So I'm quitting it. Sorry about it.

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                  martin mucha Newbie

                  nono, you did not understand me.

                  I'm quitting complaining about it I cannot quit hornet & jboss ...


                  Currently I HAVE TO somehow figure out how to stop that exception from occuring. If I succeed, then app will work under JBoss 6. I presume, that that message I posted earlier is produced probably because I'm not logged into hornetq (user: null), but it's kind a weird that if I'm not logged and thus authorization cannot be evaluated messaging still works ...