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    @RemoteBinding and jboss.xml jndi-name (JBoss 5)

    wooysiah Newbie


      I'm a total noob to both JEE as well as JBoss, though a seasoned programmer.

      I started out exploring JEE world with Mastering EJB3 (5th edition) - but for good or the bad I use JBoss 5 GA. I stumbled into few problems (mostly with the need for dtd's in xml files), but what intrigues me now is:

      Does the @RemoteBinding annotation override jndi-name defined in jboss.xml? In the book it's clearly stated, that the xml files override annotations, alas when I got to example 24.3 and chose a different jndi-binding for the remote interface then the one annotated I got an exception (name not bound).

      When I looked to JBoss' console I saw that the name was bound to the value from jboss.xml first and then to the one provided by @RemoteBinding annotation.

      Annotations are IMO much more verbose way to state what I want, and _are_ in a bean class, but if they coudn't be overriden by xml descriptors they would loose a lot of their appeal. Am I missing something?