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    Jboss GateIn as replacement for TYPO3

    Dominic Warzok Newbie

      Hi erveryone,


      like in the description I would know if jboss GateIn is a possible replacement to TYPO3?


      Here is the reason for my question.

      My company would bring a new homepage online and we won't use TYPO3. Now we are using JbossAS over years for our webprojects.


      But for our new website it is not possible to write a new CMS. So the question is: Is it possible for our non IT-Workers to bring new contents online without the help of the IT?


      And I have another question. It ist possible to connect GateIn to an WindowsAD and also use a locale Database? So that our workers could logIn with their normal Windowsaccounts and our Customers get only a logIn for the Website.



      Thanks for your help




      PS: Please excuse my bad english I'm from Germany and didn't use it often.