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    Could I seperate my web app server from jBPM work flow engine?

    Tony Xie Newbie

      Dear all:

             As the jBPM 5 is released, it got mature to serve as workflow engine with the repository service, task service, execution service etc. But from the official document or from search result on Google, it is hardly to find solution about my question, i.e. how can I intergate my application@server1(maybe it is tomcat) with the remote jBPM server@jboss?


            From the API, wheneven I want to create ProcessInstance, the first thing I can do is to get the ProcessEngine from Configuration. Is it feasible to create an object from remote server so that I can use it to initiate my process or query my tasks from the remote jBPM server?



            It would be benefit when the app is seperated from workflow engine server with different role. App is focusing on business implementation, jBPM is focusing on the process repository, task monitoring and performance.



           Would I get some information from here?



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          Chris Melas Apprentice


          This is how we use it regarding the bpm functionality (i.e. management of tasks assignments to users, groups, deadlines, escalations etc). The application forms and business logic along with the model is in server A i.e. tomcat, glassfish and jbpm5.1 runs in jboss5. The communication is implemented through the jbpm5.1 REST web services API and a little customization of jbpm in order to ensure some transactions by writing directly to the jbpm database through the implementation of the integration point. The customization of jbpm is basically to enrich a little the REST API and have some bootstrap code to start processes or long custom tasks in case the jbpm server is/goes down when communicating.