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    5.1 Console appears still can't totally sync with Guvnor

    Bruce Cui Newbie

      I'm new to jbpm5 and drools. I have been fighting with the 5.0 release with various weird problems for the recent days. Today I noticed 5.1 just got released so couldn't wait to download and have a try.


      I noticed in the blog, it was mentioned that there would be a new enhanced feature "Automatic synchronization of processes in the jbpm-console when new processes are deployed on the Guvnor repository".


      But my testing result on this is:


      1. Console can reflect added Guvnor processes definition, but only in a newly opened console window. A pre-opned console cannot see the new process def no matter I refresh or relogin.

      2. Archived or even deleted processes cannot be reflected on console during runtime. I had to restart the demo to see the process def finally got removed from console.


      I'm not sure if it's a problem specific to me or others meet the same. I was thinking of using the console to drive my batch processes. Can any advise whether it is reliable enough for production env?