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    Large Infinispan Deployments?

    monty-temboo Newbie

      I'm curious to know how far Infinispan has scaled in the real world!  Anybody have stories of large numbers of nodes or huge caches?


      Looking through the discussions the main thread I found was http://community.jboss.org/thread/165252?tstart=50 which mentions a presentation by Craig Bomba and Shane Johnson.  Unfortunately the PDF link is not on the website http://www.redhat.com/summit/2011/presentations/jbossworld/ though it is there for some other presentations.  I haven't been able to find a video of it either.


      Anyone out there with large deployments in production?





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          craig bomba Novice



          I don't know why the presentation is still not there on the link you mentioned as it was submitted.  I will present a link to it here if that helps.  They did not video the session.  Here is the link:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YPCEPH6J


          I did not see specific areas that you were interested in, but in order to reduce the amount of back and forth it might take to help you out I thought I'd mention some things that I did say from Q&A in and/or after the presentation.  But first, let me say that I know where you are coming from when you want to know if the product is working reliably for anyone out there in a production environment.  It is.


          The current production deployment here is utilizing Replication mode.  Where we have many, many nodes running Infinispan caches there are only 2 nodes per cache cluster.  Cache sizes are in the range of 100,000 entries, but we have done performance testing without degredation into the millions of entries.


          Hope that helps,