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    Recommendations for Load Balancer Frontend

    James Hurff Newbie



      I am looking for recommendations on how to configure the frontend of a JBoss cluster.  Currently, we use Apache webserver and mod_jk to load balance across a 3 node cluster (3 physically separated JVMs).  We use multicast to serialize the session data across the cluster.  Over the past few years, we have repeatedly had issues with cluster stability.  The issue I'd like to resolve is the scenario where once of the nodes experiences an issue which causes a flood of ACK/NACK messages to the cluster...eventually causing failure to all cluster members due to OutOfMemory exceptions.


      Here is my question...


      What is the best way (hardware or software) to load balance to a JBoss multicast-enabled cluster?  Please be specific.  If you have a specific hardware load balancer that you can recommend, I'd love to hear of it (F5, Cisco, etc).


      We can implement a hardware device or a support JBoss webserver (EWS, etc), but I'd like to know of one that is currently working *WELL*.  I'd like to hear from community members who have successfully deployed a fault tolerant JBoss environment ... where you can have an individual node fail, but the cluster remains stable outside of the failed node.


      I am running JBoss EAP 5.


      Thank you in advance for your advice.