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    dynamically create autocomplete

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      Could you please help me to dynamically create autocomplete component. I've tried everything, but is simply not works

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          Nikola Ninovic Newbie

          This is very frustrating, I'm trying to migrate application to rich 4, but with this I have no success.


          I've trued component statically on xhtml page and it works



          <rich:autocomplete popupClass="sugPopup" value="#{helloBean.input1}"
                          minChars="3" autocompleteMethod="#{helloBean.autocomplete}">


          But, if I add binding then autocomplete not working



          <rich:autocomplete popupClass="sugPopup" binding="#{helloBean.auto}" value="#{helloBean.input1}"
                          minChars="3" autocompleteMethod="#{helloBean.autocomplete}">


          Is it bug?


          It can be easily reproduced by adding binding attribute in showcase example


          in clientAjax-sample.xhtml add this



          and in java class AutocompleteBean add attribute and getters and setters

          private UIAutocomplete autoc;