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    Dependencies Issues with arquillian on arq-jbossas-remote

    Mariano Gonzalez Newbie

      Hello All,


      I'm starting a new JEE6 project using weld and JBoss AS 6 and decided to give arquillian a try.


      Everything goes just fine from a compilation point of view with my app and my junit based arquillian tests, but when I set arq-jbossas-remote to be my active maven profile on m2 in order to run the tests, I start to get a lot of maven issues that I don't get when using the default profile. This is very strange and disconcerting since the application works perfectly and I only want the tests as a safety net for the development to come.


      I'm attaching screenshots showing the errors I get. If anyone has the time to help I'd really appretiate it since I'm looking forward to see arquillian in action.


      Thanks in advance,