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    Empty Reports


      Hi, hoping someone here can help me.


      I've configured MASS as follows, yet I only see the my app's directory with a dependencyGraph.html and a index.html; no other artefacts are created for the application in the reports directory.


      <application id="Test">


      <classpath id="weblogic.classpath">

      <directory path="/home/collina8/src/java/test/dev/target/exploded"/>

      <directory path="${WL_HOME}/server/ext"/>

      <directory path="${WL_HOME}/server/lib"/>


      <classpath id="jboss.classpath">

      <directory path="/home/collina8/src/java/test/dev/target/exploded"/>

      <directory path="${JBOSS_HOME}/server/default/lib"/>

      <directory path="${JBOSS_HOME}/server/default/lib/ext"/>

      <directory path="${JBOSS_HOME}/lib"/>




      What should my classpath elements be set to? Should they contain all the JARs for my web app? Should I point the classpaths to the exploded WAR?


      Should codebase point to the exploded WAR, or what?



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          We are in the process of re-engineering the Mass tool so unfortunately I am not sure if you will get a great answer to this question.


          That said, I am more than happy to try to help you with this question.


          Firstly, looking at the example config.xml, it appears you are missing the server configuration. I have attached an example configuration file to show this. The running server is used to query MBeans, if you are not requiring output from that then you probably don't need that.


          I presume you are wanting to see output like the dependencies etc. From looking at the groovy scripts (find <MASS_SRC_DIR> -name \*.groovy) I can see DependenciesScript.groovy is  the one that does this. It looks like it does this by executing a different script called ./tools/depfinder/bin/ClassMetrics[.bat]


          Presumably this is for some reason not triggering. If it was it looks like you would expect a file called Test.ClassMetrics to have been created in the directory $MAT_HOME/data/


          Thinking about it now, it looks like you checked the $MAT_HOME/reports folder for output, did you check $MAT_HOME/data?


          Perhaps you can send us the complete output from running the Mass tool? Can you let us see the generated index.html too please?


          On reflection also, you say you have a DependencyGraph.html can you tell us which report in particular you are wanting to see and I will check the code again.


          Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful, as I say we are in the ongoing process of re-architecting this so it would be great to get some feedback on missing features etc. You are welcome to Jira issues over at: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/MASS



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            Hi Tom, thanks for taking the time to reply.


            Firstly the obvious stuff; here's my server's config:



            <server id="weblogic10.3">









            <mbean type="Domain" label="Domains"/>

            <mbean type="Server" label="Servers"/>

            <mbean type="Cluster" label="Clusters"/>

            <mbean type="JDBCConnectionPool" label="JDBC Connection Pools" />

            <mbean type="StartupClassConfig" label="Startup Classes" />

            <mbean type="ShutdownClassConfig" label="Shutdown Classes" />

            <mbean type="Domain" label="Domains"/>

            <mbean type="AppDeployment" label="Applications"/>

            <mbean type="Server" label="Servers"/>

            <mbean type="EJBComponent" label="EJB Components" />

            <mbean type="WebAppComponent" label="Web App Components" />





            The data directory does actually contain the .ClassMetrics file, so it seems the script you were referring to did actually execute, but the HTML was not generated; there's also a Test.DependencyExtractor.xml file which is around 5 million lines long, so I think it's just the HTML generation phase that's not working.


            I'm expecting to see -- naively or not -- the same level of detail that the example report demonstrates. Is that feasible or have I got the wrong end of the stick?


            Can you elaborate on where the "codebase" element should point to? What about classpath definition?


            Thanks again for your reply,



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              codebase is pointing to the application base directory.  Of course, the codebase can point to the exploded WAR directory. 

              classpath definition is pointing the particular dependent directory which contains all the jar file.



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                Hi Alex, by the same level of detail, I assume you mean a report like:



                It looks to me like the command is not completing as expected. For example, you should see:




                Please can you send me the command line output from when you run the script to generate the report?


                In terms of codebase, you are right to point it at an exploded war/ear directory. If you did point it at a war it would expand it for you automatically.


                It is expecting to find META-INF/application.xml and/or WEB-INF/web.xml under there.


                Looking at the code it  seems like you can try to use "basedir" instead of "codebase" or maybe as well as? You could try to add:


                And see what happens?



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                  Hi Tom,


                  Yes, that's what I mean by same level of detail. That'd be the ideal case, as it's a good amount of metrics and a decent overview.

                  Thanks for clarifying the codebase element - the app should happily find the WEB-INF/web.xml file under that, so no problems there.


                  I've added basedir so I have both codebase and basedir elements under my application definition, but no difference in report generated - i.e. there's only the index and dependencyGraph HTML files generated under the reports/Test folder.


                  I then tried commenting-out the "codebase" element and was presented with "java.io.FileNotFoundException: /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/data/Test.DependencyExtractor.xml (No such file or directory)", so it seems necessary.


                  Here is the command line output; I've also attached the "redhat.log" file for good measure.


                  Buildfile: /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/build/build.xml




                     [delete] Deleting directory /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/build/dist

                      [mkdir] Created dir: /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/build/dist

                      [mkdir] Created dir: /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/build/dist/classes

                    [groovyc] Compiling 7 source files to /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/build/dist/classes

                        [jar] Building jar: /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/build/dist/mat.jar






                  BUILD SUCCESSFUL

                  Total time: 3 seconds



                  Thanks to all who've replied, it's really appreciated.

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                    Hi Alex,


                    Sorry it took a while to respond to you. I checked the Red Hat log file and it says this:


                    2011-06-29 09:44:18,257 [main] INFO  Utils : Running process: /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/tools/depfinder/bin/DependentsToHTML -in /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/data/Test.DependencyExtractor.xml
                    2011-06-29 09:47:28,324 [main] INFO  Utils : Process exit value: 1
                    2011-06-29 09:47:28,324 [main] ERROR Utils : Process failed: /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/tools/depfinder/bin/DependentsToHTML -in /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/data/Test.DependencyExtractor.xml
                    2011-06-29 09:47:28,324 [main] ERROR Utils : Aborting execution.


                    I think you are only getting the files you mentioned as the build is aborting part way through and not being reported correctly.


                    Could you try running that command directly and sending us the output?

                    /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/tools/depfinder/bin/DependentsToHTML -in /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/data/Test.DependencyExtractor.xml




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                      Hi Tom, thanks for getting back to me.


                      Here's the output:


                      collina8@dkt915034:~/src/java/jboss/mass$ /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/tools/depfinder/bin/DependentsToHTML -in /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/data/Test.DependencyExtractor.xml



                      (Location of error unknown)XSLT Error (javax.xml.transform.TransformerException): javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: com.sun.org.apache.xml.internal.utils.WrappedRuntimeException: Connection timed out

                      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: com.sun.org.apache.xml.internal.utils.WrappedRuntimeException: Connection timed out

                              at com.sun.org.apache.xalan.internal.xslt.Process.doExit(Process.java:1185)

                              at com.sun.org.apache.xalan.internal.xslt.Process._main(Process.java:1158)

                              at com.jeantessier.dependencyfinder.cli.XSLTProcess.main(XSLTProcess.java:37)

                      collina8@dkt915034:~/src/java/jboss/mass$ echo $?




                      I wonder what it's trying to connect to? Is it attempting to resolve XSD references? I'm behind a corporate firewall & proxy, so this'll always fail.


                      Hope that helps!

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                        I found this which backs up the idea that a XSL/DTD requires an online resource:



                        I have grepped our xsl and dtd files and can't see too many imports apart from:

                        [tom@toms-thinkpad trunk]$ find . -name \*xsl -o -name \*dtd -o -name \*DTD  | xargs grep http | grep -v "www.w3.org"
                        ./tools/depfinder/etc/DependencyGraphToyEd.xsl:            xmlns="http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns/graphml"
                        ./tools/depfinder/etc/DependencyGraphToyEd.xsl:            xmlns:y="http://www.yworks.com/xml/graphml"
                        ./tools/depfinder/etc/DependencyGraphToyEd.xsl:            xsi:schemaLocation="http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns/graphml http://www.yworks.com/xml/schema/graphml/1.0/ygraphml.xsd">
                        ./tools/depfinder/etc/DependencyGraphToRDF.xsl:            xmlns="http://www.fi.muni.cz#"
                        ./tools/depfinder/etc/DependencyGraphToRDF.xsl:            xml:base="http://www.fi.muni.cz">
                        ./tools/depfinder/etc/DependencyGraphToGraphML.xsl:            xmlns="http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns"
                        ./tools/depfinder/etc/DependencyGraphToGraphML.xsl:            xsi:schemaLocation="http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns/1.0/graphml.xsd">

                        Other imports are for the Transform xsd from w3.org


                        Assuming it is not possible for you to test this on a machine that is not firewalled off, perhaps you could supply a small test war/ear to the team to check that is is definitely the issue for you? We can then work on getting a fix for this?


                        If you do have a test war that demonstrates the issue, you are welcome to raise a Jira for the it here: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/MASS (you could raise it as a feature request, something like "Allow MAT tool to work offline")



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                          Just a quick one before I chase the other stuff up: is there a way to provide proxy configuration, or for the XSL tool to use system-wide proxy config?

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                            Hi Alex,


                            I am not promising anything here but this might help:



                            Essentially it boils down to getting a -Dhttp.proxyHost=<blah> into the environment.You may also need to set:



                            It depends on how Xalan has been coded whether these will work or not though.


                            That caveated, as we (in this release) execute some shell scripts to wrap the Java call you will need to edit:

                            bin/run* to set this in the following place:



                            VMARGS="-Xms512m -Xmx1024m -Dhttp.proxyHost=<BLAH>" (you may also need port user and password - see above)
                            export DEPENDENCYFINDER_OPTS=$VMARGS


                            or run.cmd:

                            set DEPENDENCYFINDER_OPTS=-Xms512m -Xmx1024m -Dhttp.proxy=<BLAH> (you may also need port user and password - see above)


                            You can also test this by doing the following (I am assuming you are on *nix):

                            export DEPENDENCYFINDER_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx1024m -Dhttp.proxyHost=<BLAH>" (you may also need port user and password - see above)

                            /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/tools/depfinder/bin/DependentsToHTML -in /home/collina8/src/java/jboss/mass/data/Test.DependencyExtractor.xml