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    Client-side validation javascript error

    Ahmed Wafeek Newbie

      I'm using RF 4.0 final for validation within my project

      The error messages work great but if the page is submitted to the server , but not at the client side


      instead it fires a javascript error

      1. Uncaught ReferenceError: j_idt1_3Aemail_3Av is not defined


      the j_idt1_3Aemail_3Av function should be generated within my jsf page , but when I viewed the source of the page it doesn't exist


      why RF doesn't generate the client side validation functions ?



      I'm using glassfish , but also when I deployed the project on JBoss 6.0 it gave me the same error


      in web-inf/lib folder I have put those libraries










      and here the xhtml page code


      <h:outputText value="Name:" />

                      <h:inputText value="#{userBean.name}" id="name">

                          <f:validateLength minimum="3" maximum="8"/>

                          <f:validateRequired />



                      <rich:message for="name" />



      and this is a snapshot of the runtime page source

      richfaces error.png


      also I have noticed that the file richfaces-csv.js is not included in my page by richfaces


      any clue ?