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    SFSB State replication error

    Ron K Newbie

      Hey all,


      whenever i try that for example on failover a client session can be continued with another server with a sfsb, it throws me an error, that stateful session bean 123489-123807-123789-18238 couldnt be found.


      SFSB replication across the cluster is handled by the container actually and should be autoamtical right?

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          Ron K Newbie

          Here, thats the exact error that appears on failover:



          javax.ejb.NoSuchEJBException: Could not find stateful bean: 4sk1u3m-z86s60-gpfi8z4m-1-gpfiaoso-dl


          Do I have to change any settings to make that work? i already deleted all temp/tmp/work/etc. folders to make sure everythings in the correct state, just in case...



          Thats what i use in my bean:









          and thats the lookup from the client if its important:


          Properties env = 
          new Properties();env.put(Context.
          URL_PKG_PREFIXES, "org.jboss.naming:org.jnp.interfaces");String bindAddress = System.getProperty("jboss.bind.address","jnp://"+address);
          PROVIDER_URL, bindAddress);
          ctx = new InitialContext(env);
          Failover f = (Failover) 

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            Ron K Newbie

            Ok, at first i solved the rror by adjusting my stupid mistake in cacheConfig SLSB --> SFSB, but now the cluster keeps on sending:


            discarded message from different cluster "DefaultPartition-SFSB/jar=


            Why is it using a different partition after changing to sfsb

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              Ron K Newbie

              Damn, the error is totally devastating and annoying. I dont just want to adjust log4j not to show it, i actually want to know why it is there even if theres just one node and no cluster ?!

              If I make it an slsb again, it works -> SFSB annoying errors!


              08:01:58,017 WARN  [org.jgroups.protocols.UDP] discarded message from different cluster "DefaultPartition-SFSB/jar=CMFailover.jar,name=FailoverFirstIdenticalBean,service=EJB3" (our cluster is "DefaultPartition-SFSB/jar=CMFailover.jar,name=FailoverRan
              domRobinBean,service=EJB3"). Sender was Server-xyz-46263


              does anybody know why??


              Thanks a lot,

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                Ron K Newbie

                For some reason the @CacheConfig parameters caused the problem.


                Should be resolved.