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    Can no longer use www.mydomain.com with JBoss AS 6

    Roger Lee Apprentice

      For the past two plus years I've had my website (with EJB 3.1 using Seam) running fine under JBoss 4.2.3. Deployed as an EAR on a Windows Server.




      goes to the home.seam page and everything is fine.


      In my application.xml I have;









      In the jboss-web.xml I have;





      I gradually got it working locally inder JBoss AS 6.0. In the browser when I type;


      locahost:8080 I get the home.seam page.


      However when I deploy it onyto my live server I can't get to home.seam page with;




      I can though if I type the IP address of my Server with port number appended (8080).


      I have updgrade the jboss-web.xml as per the examples with JBoss AS 6.0 to no avail.


      Why can't I use my domainname in JBoss 6 AS deployment?


      I have removeed the default Console WAR, no errors at start-up.