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    rich:scrollableDataTable and h:selectbooleancheckbox losing


      I have a boolean check box inside rich:scrollabledatatablegrid. When i scroll the grid and come back, the state of the booleancheckbox is lost at times. THis happens very randomly. I checked the state of objects and the objects appear to be selected. However the display gets messed up. it doe snot show the check on the checkbox. Suggestions?

      <h:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{row.cells[columnIndex].selected}"
      rendered="#{row.cells[columnIndex].selectable}" styleClass="rich-sdt-column-cell">

      <a4j:support actionListener="#{gridController.selectItem}" event="onclick" reRender="showSelectedPanel">

      <f:attribute name="path" value="#{row.cells[columnIndex].path}" />
      <a4j:actionparam name="isChecked" value="this.checked" noEscape="true"/>