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    Bootstrapping Jboss with JSVC?

    Darko Hojnik Newbie

      Hi there.



      Never tried it but I've read that Jboss could be started with JSVC. About JSVC please look here http://commons.apache.org/daemon/jsvc.html

      The reason why I'm writing here is that I'm thinking about to deploy Apache James and Apache Directory Server on Jboss 5.1


      My OS is Unix (FreeBSD) and normally I know that I would get a mass of Problems using Ports with an unpriveleged non Root user under portnumber 1024. Under Linux the problem would be similar


      for example


      25  SMTP

      88  Kerberos

      110 Pop3

      143 Imap

      389 LDAP

      465 SMTPS

      636 LDAPS

      993 IMAPS

      995 POP3S


      Now I'm asking me following:


      How I cold configure Jboss that it starts over JSVC, starts both WAR Files they are offering the Services and only after these services successful has been started, then fork the process for Jboss with the user root to the regular jboss-user?


      anybody here who has some experinces or an idea?

      With Apache Tomcat thats impossible