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    Question about the specifications of the paging.

    Takeshi Kato Newbie

      I am using HornetQ2.2.2Final and 2.2.5Final.


      There are some paged-out messages in a queue. The queue has enough memory space to write messages.

      (At first, I sent some messages to the queue and created paged-out messages. Then I recieved some messages from memory.)


      Under this condition, I send a new message to the queue. then the new message is stored in paging file.

      I was assumed that the new message is stored in memory in this case, because there are memory space to write message. But the message was stored in paging file.


      Then I received all paged-out messages.

      Under this condition, if I send a new message, It is stored in memory.


      Is this correct behavior on the specification of paging? This behavior also occur in topic.





      Takeshi Kato