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    extended-data-table width

    Deb Dutta Novice


      I have a senario like this, in my grid has a width="800px"

      In rich ui library,by editing file extended-data-table.js,
      i am trying to update extended-data-table width by changing

      For increasing is doing correct,
      but suppose i have increase it and this.mainDiv.getWidth() new value is 1200 ,
      now in this sitution while i am trying to decrese the this.mainDiv,
      it is working correctly, but grid is flickering , means total area getting blank and again comming for a very short period of time. and this is not happening always also.
      Can anybody from richfaces help to to stop this flickering ...

      thanks in advance

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          Deb Dutta Novice

          anybody please help me on this....
          In extended-data-table.js ...if i want to set a lower value [means by increasing its value and while try to decrease the value] to this.mainDiv in the method updateLayout , page is getting blank for a second of fraction then comming correctly...plz help