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    Can't access www.my_domain_name.com in EAR deployed on JBoss AS 6.0

    Roger Lee Apprentice

      For the past two plus years I've had my website (with EJB 3.x using Seam 2.3) running fine under JBoss 4.2.3. Deployed as an EAR on a Windows Server.




      goes to the home.seam page and everything is fine.


      In my application.xml I have;









      In the jboss-web.xml I have;





      I gradually got it working locally under JBoss AS 6.0. In the browser when I type;


      locahost:8080 I get the home.seam page.


      However when I deploy it onto my live server I can't get to home.seam page with;




      I can though if I type the IP address of my Server appended with port number (8080).


      I have upgraded the jboss-web.xml as per the examples with JBoss AS 6.0 to no avail.


      Why can't I use my domain name in JBoss 6 AS deployment? What is wrong with my context-root?


      I have removed the default Console WAR, no errors at start-up.