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    User Driven Workflow

    iHunt Code Newbie

      I am considering jBPM 5.1 for a workflow that’s user driven with most of the tasks involving user actions. Does jBPM support the following scenarios?


      1. Having multiple outgoing edges from a completed user task to three other independent user tasks that may join at the end of the workflow.
      2. In a sequence of user tasks, a user may reject a task at node #5 with a back edge to node #2, so tasks 2-5 need to be revisited.
      3. Retrieve completed workflows started by a certain user.
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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi there,

          Let's go straight to your answers

          1) We use the diverging gateways to support multiple outgoing edges. that means that you will end up having a task that goes to a diverge gateway that can go to three different tasks. In our opinion it's clear and you can easily understand in which situations your execution will go to one or just to all of the task after the gateway.


          2) What do you mean with revisted? the same task executed again and allowing the person to modify the information that was created there? yes you can do that.

          3) this is a simple query in my perspective you can create your own query or define that the loggers store that information for you so then you can easily retrive it.