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    How to deploy a JaxWS endpoint during AS7 service startup?


      I have been integrating  the XTS code into AS7 and so far  have incorporated an XTS extension  which will deploy the main XTS service as part of AS7 standalone startup (see the xts subdirectory in my github jbossas repo for details). However, this implemenation is incomplete because it does not deploy the JaxWS endpoints required for XTS to work. I can get it to work if I deploy the endpoints by throwing the relevant war files into the standalone deplloyments  directory but clearly that is inadequate as a proper solution.


      What I wouudl like to do is to deploy the endpoints during startup of the XTS service and undeploy them during service shutdown. Is there a way I can do this using the JBossWS AS integration code? Jason suggested this would be the best way to do the deployment as it ought only to involve handing over the SEI class and a URL path -- which would be much preferable as regards performance to pulling the details out of a war file on disk. It looks to me like the EndpointService will do what I want but I don't know how to access it, how to drive it or whether, in fact,this is barking up the wrong tree. Any advice?





      Andrew Dinn