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    JBoss Tools 3.3 triggers Debugger Error with JBoss 6 and JBoss 7



      A few days ago I tried using JBoss Tools 3.3-M1 with Eclipse Indigo (JEE bundle - windows 64 bit version).  My JVM is Oracle Java 1.6_u24 x64.

      As warned, the result was not good - as soon as I tried to use my JBoss 6 server I began to receive (every ten seconds or so) an error window with title "Debugger Error" and content:

      Incompatible debugger version.

      The remote debugger version may not match the expected protocol version



      I didn't test with a 32 bit JVM because it's not easy to remove JBoss Tools once installed (it may not be possible to do).  The jboss server was version 6.0.0.Final.  I ended up deleting the Indigo and re-installing and reloading the plugins I needed (but not JBoss Tools of course).


      At today's webinar on JBoss AS7 (White Rabbit) I learned that a new release of JBoss Tools 3.3-M2 had just been made available and it is compatible both with Indigo and with JBoss AS7.


      Sadly, after installing the new JBoss Tools and starting up JBoss AS 7, the same error occurs.


      I suppose there must be something unusual about my environment that escaped your testing processes.  Since I haven't customised the Jboss 7 at all, possibly one of the Eclipse plug-ins I downloaded is incompatible with JBoss Tools 3.3.


      To test this hypothesis, I reinstalled a new Eclipse Indigo and then only installed JBoss Tools 3.3.0-M2.  I created a Dynamic Web Project for JBoss AS7 and started the server.  No errors this time - so I guess there must be an incompatibility between JBoss Tools and one of the plugins I downloaded before JBoss Tools:

      m2e-Maven Integration for Eclipse

      m2e-slfj over logback logging (optional)

      Marketplace Client 1.1.0.I20110525-0742


      or more likely the JEE Developer collection of plugins shown on the attached screen shot.


      I recognise that incompatibility with other peoples software may be something you can't or won't want to spend time investigating.  However, I only picked the basic software that any J2EE developer would want in addition to JBoss Tools so I suspect this problem will surface again with other developers.


      I an happy to assist with further testing to find out what the problem is.  Let me know what I can do.

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          Thanks for trying out latest JBoss Tools, but unfortunately I don't think JBoss Tools is causing any of this since we dont provide any debugging facility its all provided by eclipse JDT. Thus I can't help much besides guessing.


          I googled for your error and found that others have seen it too with PDT (PHP tooling) at https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=283100 and http://www.phpeclipse.com/ticket/669 and http://forums.zend.com/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=4441


          And in your list of plugins installed I see PDT thus I suggest you try uninstalling that one or try some of the suggestions in those links.


          btw. JBoss Tools is just like any other plugins when it comes to installation/removal - use About > Installation Details to uninstall plugins ...if that is not possible its probably because of P2 seeing an unresolvable dependency set and cant uninstall individual plugins but then you can use the history tab to uninstall in bulk instead.

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            Thanks very much for spending time on this Max.

            You were quite correct - removing the PHP Tooling plugin also removed the error windows.


            Because the only thing I added to Indigo was JBoss Tools I assumed the error had to be at least related to that plugin ..... but perhaps any new server adapter would have triggered the error.  I hope you didn't spend a lot of time on this.


            Next time I'll try to spend more time googling the error before posting an issue.