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    Session scope problem with Firefox5 and WLS 10.3.5




      I wrote a simple application and want to change the RF skin.


      I have a simple SessionScoped ManagedBean with String property ('skin')

      added reference to that property in the web.xml

      and I wrote a simple page containing a rich:panel with header facet and a h:selectOneMenu to change the skin.


      The combination Firefox5 and Tomcat7 works fine.


      But server and system is as follows:

      - Weblogic 10.3.5

        (configured with 'deployable libraries' to support JSF2.0)

      - Windows 7 (64 bit)


      InternetExplorer 8:

      With InternetExplorer 8 all works fine. The skin changes. SessionBean remains stable.


      Firefox 5:

      After changing the skin no change is seen in RichFaces components.

      After adding some debug output I found out that the session scoped bean is created new with every request (after every selection in my selectOneMenu the constructor is called). So the value there is always set to the default.

      I think that RichFaces is creating a new bean instance.


      The problem is also reproducable with deploying richfaces-showcase-4.0.0-final-tomcat6.war in WLS 10.3.5.


      Other users have similar problems with Firefox5 (and also with IE9):


      There is said that the session cookie is not send by the browser.


      Does anybody know what I can do?



      Thanx for your help,