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    TreeNode expanded attribtue not working

    Anyz Zoel Newbie

      I am using RichFaces 4 Final realease and not able to make my tree expanded by default (on loading page). I followed the thread at http://community.jboss.org/message/601321 and try all the variants of expanded attribute but nothing worked.



      <rich:tree id="tree" var="node" nodeType="#{node.nodeType}" stateVar="true" keepSaved="true"

                          value="#{myBean.root}" toggleType="ajax"     




                        render="treePnl , nodeChildsPnl"





      <rich:treeNode expanded="true"  type="#{node.nodeType}"  iconLeaf="#{node.nodeIcon}"    iconExpanded="#{node.nodeIcon}"

           iconCollapsed="#{node.nodeIcon}" >



      I didt try the EL expression as expanded="#{node.expanded}". Here expanded returns true but node is never expanded.


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