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    JMX Changes in 2.2.5?

    Jay Moss Newbie

      We're using a very simple embedded HornetQ server running from Spring and using MX4J to manage/view queues and other server items.  The HornetQ objects are exposed via org.springframework.jmx.export.MBeanExporter (spring file attached). 


      With the 2.1.2 release HornetQ displays all Queues in the MX4J JMX Console and everything works fine.   


      Switching to 2.2.5, the JMX Console still runs, but there are no Queues displayed (the only management entity shown is the server object).  See below for before/after snippits of the console.  The only change between these two screen shots is the HornetQ version.


      Are there new or changed configuration paramaters to expose the Queue objects via JMX?  Is this change intentional?  I've been unable to find any reference to new paramaters or other JMX changes in the documentation or release notes.  How do we setup 2.2.5 to allow queues to be managed via JMX?






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          Clebert Suconic Master

          I really don't know how...



          I just did a try here with 2.2.5 downloaded (not on my dev tree) with jconsole and all the queues are appearing fine.



          Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 5.05.20 PM.png

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            Jay Moss Newbie

            Still a no-go here.  I tried running it from a command line (instead of as a service) and connecting with jconsole instead of mxj4, same results:


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              Jay Moss Newbie



              I'm  guessing  that it's perhaps something to do with security (since what I'm seeing matches in both MX4j & JConsole, I'm ruling out the JMX Console side of the equation).  In hornetq-configuration.xml, i have the following:



              <security-setting match="#">

              <permission type="createTempQueue" roles="guest" />

              <permission type="deleteTempQueue" roles="guest" />

              <permission type="consume" roles="guest" />

              <permission type="send" roles="guest" />

              <permission type="manage" roles="guest" />







              I have a single user named guest with a password and the role of guest.  Are there security changes between 2.1.2 & 2.2.5?  I haven't seen anything in the Docs, but perhaps there's more enforcement now?

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                Jay Moss Newbie

                OK, figured it out.  Believe it or not, it's as simple deleting the data directory every time you change versions. 


                Switching from 2.1.2 to 2.2.5 without deleting the data directory doesn't give any errors, but the queues don't actually work right with the old data directory (can't connect or see the queueus). 


                When I switch back to 2.1.2 it throws an error and I have to delete the data directory to get it to start correctly.