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    rich:inputSelect is still resetting after ajax submit

    Piotr Sobczyk Newbie

      Although in JIRA RF-6650 this issue is stated to be fixed, it's still occurs in my application, to put it most simple:

      <rich:inplaceSelect id="options" defaultLabel="not entered" showControls="false" value="#{testBean.test}" >
      <f:selectItem itemValue="option1" itemLabel="option1"/>
      <f:selectItem itemValue="option2" itemLabel="option2"/>
      <a:support event="onchange" reRender="options" ajaxSingle="false" />

      After AJAX submitting this component it resets its state to "not entered" and I can't get selected value from bean property. Please help, inplaceSelect fits best to my site, but this bug makes it unusable in my case :(.