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    Patrick Huber Newbie

      Hi, when I use h:selectOneMenu, the entries I get from a list out of the bean, fit perfectly  to the size of the box.I mean the width of the box is always a little bit bigger than the largest entry is. Is this possible with rich:select, too ?

      And I even tried to make the width bigger of rich:select. I can do the following :


      input.rf-sel-inp {




      but then, the size of the dropdown doesnt fit anymore.


      When I take a look with firebug at rich:select, i see the following line :


      <div class="rf-sel-lst-scrl" style="min-height: 20px;max-height: 100px;width: 200px">


      so I guess this is the reason I cannot set the width I want it to set. How can I change this size ?

      Overriding ref-sel-lst-scrl doesnt work.