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    Loading many policy sets from the code

    john john Newbie


      Is it possible to load many policy sets from the code instead dynamicall from a file (as it is described http://community.jboss.org/wiki/XACMLRBACLocator).


      When I try:

      XACMLPolicy ps1 = PolicyFactory.createPolicySet(new FileInputStream(new File("ps1")));

      XACMLPolicy ps2 = PolicyFactory.createPolicySet(new FileInputStream(new File("ps2")));


      HashSet<XACMLPolicy> policies = new HashSet<XACMLPolicy>();




      PolicyFinder pf = new PolicyFinder();

      JBossPolicySetLocator psl = new JBossPolicySetLocator();



      RequestContext req1 = RequestResponseContextFactory.createRequestCtx();

      req1.readRequest(new FileInputStream(new File("req.xml")));


      JBossPDP pdp = new JBossPDP();

      ResponseContext resp1 = pdp.evaluate(req1);



      I get:

      2011-07-01 15:18:05 org.jboss.security.xacml.sunxacml.finder.PolicyFinder findPolicy

      INFO: More than one top-level applicable policy for the request


      independently on what are the attributes which specify the roles within these two policy sets.