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    Dynamic ui:include and javascript loading problem

    Caesar Ralf Franz Hoppen Newbie

      Hello, how are you?


      I am having a problem that I am unable to solve. I have a page in my project that dynamically loads its contents based on the user selection. So, I have something like that:



                 <a4j:outputPanel layout="block" id="monitorContent">
                      <ui:include src="#{monitorViewManager.currentView.page}" >
                          <ui:param name="viewBean" value="#{monitorViewManager.currentViewBean}" />


      The content load is working fine, but the necessary javascripts are not, or I am not understanding what really is happening.


      For example, I have in one page a richfaces modal panel, when the user chooses this page it appears in firebug an error:



      ModalPanel is not defined


      But, if I insert an invisible rich modal panel at the main page, the base ModalPanel javascript is loaded and the error doesnt occurrs anymore. What am I missing? Can I use ui:include like that or do I have to do something more?


      I am using richfaces 3.3.3Final, JSF 1.2.