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    How to use ServiceInvoker no save JMS at database?

    Normandes Junior Newbie

      I have a service at JBoss ESB with jms provider like this:


      <jms-provider name="JBossMQ" connection-factory="ConnectionFactory">

         <jms-bus busid="integrationEnquiryEsbChannel">

            <jms-message-filter dest-type="QUEUE" dest-name="queue/integrationEnquiry" />




      And the service has the following listener (my action is RequestResponse):

      <jms-listener name="jmsTransformer" busidref="integrationEnquiryEsbChannel" maxThreads="10"/>


      At my client I use ServiceInvoker to call this service:

      ServiceInvoker esbServiceInvoker = new ServiceInvoker("PreCategory", "IntegrationEnquiry");

      Message requestMessage = MessageFactory.getInstance().getMessage();



      Message replyMessage = esbServiceInvoker.deliverSync(requestMessage, 30000);

      Map<String, Object> mapAnswer = replyMessage.getBody().get();


      I noticed that the message is saved to database and service remove the message from database after it work on it.


      I would like to disable this function, I don't want that ServiceInvoker sends message to be persisted at database. Is it possible? How?




      Normandes Junior