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    AS6: EJB lookup of ha-singleton broken?

    raylite3 Apprentice

      Hi, To understand the ha-singleton feature, I deployed the simple Calculator sample into the deploy-hasingleton dir of my node1 and node2 servers (as in the docs). The servers startup fine and I am able to see that only 1 is up at any one time. Both node1 and node2 are on the same IP but different ports (1199 and 1299)


      However if node1 is down and the JNDI provider URL in my jndi.properties refers to node1, node2 in that order, my lookup (from an external client) fails. If I switch the order to node2, node1, then it finds it. Shouldn't it go through the list of URLs and find it? Do I need to use a different naming factory for this case?


      I am using this jndi.properties