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    UIExtendedDataTable in richfaces components conflicct version number.

    kartheek4richfaces Newbie

      jdk 5: Compilation error when using UIExtendedDataTable:


      cannot access org.richfaces.cdk.annotations.Attribute

          [javac] file org\richfaces\cdk\annotations\Attribute.class not found

          [javac]         UIExtendedDataTable dataTable = (UIExtendedDataTable) event.getSource();




      public void selectionListener(AjaxBehaviorEvent event) {

              UIExtendedDataTable dataTable = (UIExtendedDataTable) event.getSource();

              Object originalKey = dataTable.getRowKey();



      so Added richfaces annotations.jar to classpath....then got bad version number.


      because all richfaces 4 components' version is 49 and annotations classes' version is 50.


      Anybody has the same issue or how can we report to the richfaces developers....??