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    rich:dataTable abd rich:listshuttle rerendering issue

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      I have the follwoing issue regarding the ajax rerendering. I am using richfaces 3.3 along with Spring 2.5.6.

      I have a rich:dataTable with binding attribute, as the columns in this case are dynamic so they get populated from the backing bean.

      My requirement is to add a rich:listShuttle so that I can select/de-select or re-arrange the columns visible in the data table. This list shuttle opens up in a Modal Panel.

      The issue is once I submit the modal panel and try to rerender the data table the data does not get refreshed. Only when I click F5 the tables gets refreshed.


      Following are the sample code


      The data table in my parent jsp


      <a4j:form id="inquiryForm" ajaxSubmit="true">


      < a4j:outputPanel id="searchResultPanel"  layout="block"  ajaxRendered="true">

      <rich:dataTable binding="<binding attribute>">

      <some extra columns>




      The list:shuttle modal panel is as following


      <rich:modalPanel id="colChooserPanel1" >
        <a4j:form id="colChooserForm1">
        <rich:listShuttle sourceValue="<some value>"
        targetValue="<some value>" var="items"
         id="listShuttle" >
                      <h:outputText id="text6" value="#{items}"></h:outputText>
        <a4j:commandButton id="columnChsrOk1"
          oncomplete="javascript: Richfaces.hideModalPanel('colChooserPanel1')"







      Will appreciate the help