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    In HQ REST durable push registrations doesn't work after a server restart

    Jose Montoya Newbie

      Hello Group,


      I'm using HQ REST API 2.2.2.Final and is great, however my durable consumers stop to receive messages after a server restart.


      The documentation of HQ REST API states:


      "The durable element specifies whether the registration should be saved to disk so that if there is a server restart, the push subscription will still work."


      I'm setting the durable element to "true", the HQ in fact saves the push registration in the disk, but when the server is restarted, the server load the registration from the disk (i see it in the log) but the messages in the queues are no delivered to its consumers.


      After a little research in the source code, i found that the QueueServiceManager needs to have set the deployed Queues to add its durable push registrations, but when the QueueServiceManager is started the deployed Queue List attribute is Empty and the durable push registrations are not added. the same apply to the TopicServiceManager.


      I wrote a simple patch that fix this issue (Only Queues), however i'm not HQ developer and I do not know the effect of this change in the overall system design.


      I would like to receive your feedback.



      Jose L. Montoya