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    How to package an EAR with an embedded SAR in AS 7.0.0.CR1?

    Torsten Fink Newbie

      I am trying to build an EAR with an embedded SAR using the new AS 7.0.0.CR1. If I deploy my SAR separately it is recognized and the MBean is registered at the MBean server.


      If I embed it into an EAR without any additional configuration, I get a ClassNotFoundException regarding my MBean implementation.


      If I add a jboss-app.xml deployment descriptor with JBoss 5 syntax, I do not get an error, but my MBean is not registered.


      The quickstarts do not contain any SAR example. In the integration tests of the AS I do not find an embedded SAR.


      Does anyone know if SARs embedded in an EAR are supported in AS 7.0.0.CR1?