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    build/scripts/checkout.sh enhancements

    Justin Wyer Newbie

      Hi all, this ticket is to discuss enhancements to the checkout.sh script, if you have any ideas or requests please let us know in this discussion or tell us at the next team meeting (Jay could you make this part of the next agenda ?)


      Current enhancements to the script are as follows:


      1. A usage message!
      2. Make the script verbose with -v its now pretty quiet by default.
      3. Specify your github user with -u so that you can clone your own forks of the richfaces repos.
      4. Pull upstream updates instead of cloning with -p this will try stash local changes and if there were changes to stash it will pull and then pop the stash
      5. Specify branch to pull upstream updates from -b or leave it out to default to "develop".
      6. Pick the repos you want to fork with -m (you can use all as an alias for "archetypes build cdk components core dev-examples showcase" so "tweetstream all" would be "tweetstream archetypes build cdk components core dev-examples showcase".
      7. And of course, the pièce de résistance automatic forking of modules in github with -f (requires curl and will prompt you for your github password) !!!


      If everyone could run through the script and check if it is easy to use or if you can make it blow up it would be most appreciated. I will pull request Lukas to get this into the richfaces/build repo ASAP. Until then you can pull the updates from my repo git://github.com/justinwyer/build.git


      We also need a new name for the script since checkout.sh is not really descriptive of what it does, suggestions are welcome!