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    Jboss Cluster - TimeoutException while session acquiring ownership


      Hi ,


      I 'm  expereing the issue in clustering jboss 6. While login to the page getting "java.lang.RuntimeException: Caught TimeoutException acquiring ownership of ZuqOGxsqHYdqrBy-JkU3dA__" .  When Node1 fails, session got replicated to Node-2, Works cool


      But once NOde1 is back to cluster , I guess session is not replicated to NOde1. So once Node-2 fails .... session fails and it's moving login page.


      Configuration :


      1. Load balancer (Httpd) : enabled Sticky session (Workers.properties)  -- Attached

      2. Introduced <distributable > tab in web.xml

      3. introduced <replication-config> tag as mentioned here.  -- Attached









      4.While accessing the web page thro Load balancer, pages are getting loaded . In backgrong we are getting java.lang.RuntimeException: Caught TimeoutException acquiring ownership of ZuqOGxsqHYdqrBy-JkU3dA.

      Please look into the issue and help us to solve the same. Please advise while coding we hav to do anything ?