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    few questions about rich:calendar

    Nikica Maric Newbie


      can you tell me is it possible to enable/disable rich:calendar component using javascript? when i look into genereated html code of jsf i see that there is input field (type=text) and image. input is not problem, but image is. could it bi solved with javascript or i have to use bean and rerender options?

      i got form with few inputs on it and there is rich:calender one of it. i enabled manual input. on submit form i should validate whole form. so, if date in calendar is valid everything works fine, but if it isn't i got only message about invalid date, and other validations are not made. here is definition of calenedar

      <rich:calendar immediate="false" enableManualInput="true" cellHeight="14px" datePattern="dd.MM.yyyy" id="input_birthday" value="#{myBean.birthday}">

      thanks in advance