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    Where to place picketlink jars when authenticator is a stateless EJB

    Pontus Ullgren Newbie

      I have a project where we have a seam application with a authenticator that is a stateless EJB.


      When trying to add SAML2.0 SSO to this project I have trouble getting this to work probably due to some classpath issue.

      So I've recreated the problem by repacking the seam-sp demo application into a EAR. The application is deploy correctly but when accessing PublicPage.seam I get exception see attached log.


      My question is where should I place the picketlink-* jars to be able to access the classes from both the webapplication and from the EJB ?


      I've also tried to remove the jars entierly from the EAR and put them into default/lib/ but then I get a exception at deploymnet instead.