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    Strange behaviour of XCSS + CSS

    Gena Newbie


      i'm using two css files:

      <a:loadStyle src="resource:///stylesheet/theme.css"/>
      <a:loadStyle src="resource:///stylesheet/theme.xcss" />

      Both are loaded successfully.

      1. Now, i define

      .tooltip {...}

      within the CSS file and configure it with the XCSS

      <u:selector name=".tooltip">
      <u:style name="background-color" skin="generalBackgroundColor" />

      (because the direct usage of .tooltip{background-color: #{richSkin.generalBackgroundColor}} works only with inline styles)

      but the background-color is not replaced as desired.

      2. Ok, now i define .tooltip within <f:verbatim> section of XCSS (and remove it from CSS). The <u:selector> configuration still be the same. The class .tooltip doesn't exist at all!

      The interesting question were here, if the XCSS file was processed at all. And the answer is yes, the other - default richfaces skin classes are configured properly only my <f:verbatim> classes are not.

      Please, tell me, what am i doing wrong!

      Thanks, Gena