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    apache and esb with slow response time

    bruno.araujo Newbie



      I have a apache httd with ssl reditecting web-services request to a ESB 4.9 and some times the avarage response time goes from 200 ms to 5 or more seconds. This issue happends from time to time, usualy when the apache is with its maximum concurrent access period (it's about half of the maximum it can handle).


      Accessing the web service directly in the ESB server i dont have this same issue. This same apache is serving about 15 sites spread in a few virtual hosts and during the slow response time of the web services all the sites keep working properly, also, the server itself aint using unusual processor or memory...


      Have anyone experienced anything like that, i strongly belive its somethin in the apache but it happends every 5 days or so.


      in the apache configuration im only redirecting the web service request, through ajp, to the esb.