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    Performace of HornetQ

    java into Newbie

      Hi , I have sucessfully installed hornetq along with jboss 5 and trying to evaluate the performce of a very simple program i have compiled to send messages and receive them in a single consumer using hornetq core Only.


      I have turned of security just for now.

      I am creating multiple producer threads which are creating messages to be send to a certain address. and the consumer is listening on a queue subscribed to that queue.

      What i am seeing is in basic implementation which come default


      factory = HornetQClient.createClientSessionFactory(new TransportConfiguration(


      coreSession = this.factory.createSession(true, true);

                  log.info("Core Session Created "+ this.coreSession.toString());

      coreSession.createQueue("eventQueue", "eventQueue", true);


      on the producer side i am using a different session to generate messages and sendMessages.




      Now what i am observing is i am sending like 100000 and more messages to the queue sequentially and at the consumer side i am just getting few thousands of them ...


      I am loosing messages..but i dont understand where is it i am loosing messages. Is it while putting it in queue or is it while consuming ?Is there a log where i will know this is happeneing.


      Also what is the way the performce of this basic mechanism can be tested to get a value of how many messages/sec can my implementation can handle.