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    About JBoss ESB transaction issue

    simon shen Newbie

      There's a scenerio that,

      In ESB Service, it will execute 3 action in turn, each action will invoke a web service(service A, service B, service C) to add/update business data.

      When service B failed, we must rollback service A.

      Then, how can we do that?


      In the esb action, I can specify the sprint-context xml file, for example:

                     <action name="sayHello"



                       <property name="exceptionMethod" value="exceptionHandler"/>

                       <property name="springContextXml" value="spring-context-hello.xml"/>


      But, there're 3 action, we are gonna to realize distributed transaction, we cannot define sprint context xml file one by one. Do you agree with me?

      So I think we can define web.xml to load sprint context xml file, in which the JTA transaction is definded.

      Then we have to deploy the project as a web application project in order to identify web.xml when starting up the application.

      Does JBoss ESB Server support the web application style which can identify web.xml?

      If not support, then we have to build esb into jboss as, right?


      Or maybe my thought is totally not right, then can you tell the right way to realize distributed transaction in esb?