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    Background of JBoss Security

    Yusuf Kurt Newbie

      hi guys,

      i'm not sure that this is the wright place for asking my question, sorry for inconvenience...

      i want to get very detailed information about jboss security but i could not find the relevant documents on the net, i think you can guide me,

      yes, jboss security is a very wide topic, i have to customize security configuration according to security requirements of our project,

      the basic points that needs to be clearified are:


      • random number generation strategy for jboss 6.0
      • how is it seeded?
      • is it possible to customize it
      • the exact version of TLS as SSL protocol,TLS v1.0 or v1.1 or v1.2


      these are the current topics for me, but i would like to learn the background of jboss security very detailed,

      your guidance and help will be very appreciated, thanks