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    is a JSP in JSF2.0 resources allowed?


      Hello everybody,


      I have a custom component JAR file including resources like images, CSS, etc. in META-INF/resources

      My screen.css for example is accessable with http://localhost:7001/myWebApp/javax.faces.resource/screen.css.xhtml?ln=libraryName


      I want to share a JSP file which is in use in several JSF applications.

      So I added a JSP file in the JAR as resource next to the other resources.

      But it is not accessable with http://localhost:7001/myWebApp/javax.faces.resource/myPage.jsp.xhtml?ln=libraryName


      The browser reports:

      XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Kein Element gefunden

      Adresse: http://localhost:7001/myWebApp/javax.faces.resource/myPage.jsp.xhtml?ln=libraryName

      Zeile Nr. 1, Spalte 1:


      This is german and means that there is no such element.


      Is there any restriction on which file types are allowed in JSF2.0 resources?


      Or is there any possibility to share JSP  pages in several JSF applications? We don't want to have copy/paste.



      The JSP is a login proxy which uses properties from a managed loginBean and automatically does authentication to our J2EE server.

      This can not be done with a JSF page (as I know).