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    Messages getting stuck in Queue

    Keshav Savant Newbie



      I am using following setup on a Linux environment


      JAVA 1.6

      JBOSS 5.1.0.GA with

      JBoss Messaging 1.4.3.GA and

      JBOSS Web Service Native 3.2.2.GA


      * DefaultDS pointed to Postgres database


      In our setup we have a MDB (not clustered) that listens to a queue, generally the number of messages that we receive on the queue is very high (some times millions). For initial few days of starting the server every thing goes fine, but after few days the number of messages in queue starts growing and  the messages are not being processed by the MDB.


      Once this problem occurs and we then restart the JBOSS server all the stuck messages are processed by the MDB. I tried searching the community for this but did not find much help, any help or pointers are very much appreciated.